I am here in a world that I can not contemplate, sometimes it makes me feel empty because I do not know the outcome of my physical self. I exist in a state of balanced conditioning holding on to a thought that was given to me by the positioning of people that give themselves priority of discipline.

I’m trying to tell you something we yet not can compute, to make sense of it I can only communicate truth.

I feel the stroking of my beard but find myself looking for that sense of youth. No expectation of anything that exists as living it was a perfect sense of resist. Learning to deal with emotional states that made me feel like a king with a cup of delusional gin.

But I am here trying to win this moment of time that makes me alive. But, something is missing like a clock forgetting the ToK bouncing around the infinite moments of reality that dissipates before actuality.

I don’t know who I am, but know where I’ve been, spending moments looking inside the entrapment of the film within. Who is this sitting here writing these learned words that will stamp a thought into another world? Your mind so it seems is looking beyond this sense of reality, what is trying to find a way from this pitiful curse.

I don’t feel free I don’t feel fear as I know the answers to this universe. It’s me can’t you see, living through a rehearse as the play has already started before I say my words.

This is it for us beings that can hurt, learning to look beyond what we are capable of in reverse. What was it I did in another dimension to be placed in this prison of futuristic detention.

A world of conditioning this place so it seems, living among a species trying to get back home. For many who do not see, this is it for them on a journey where they will be sent back to try again. They didn’t discover the answer to life’s riddle of concern.

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