1) “The natural power of the Earth was hidden from your eyes, to feed the greed of the human mind that seeks absolute power through being a miser and enjoying misery”.

2) “Evil is made by the minds of man, suffering is caused by the physical actions of man, War is assembled by a man who can not control his power, man is not ready to meet his creator”.

3) “It was never a struggle to teach our children about the religious past times of society. It was a struggle to show them how human behaviour was individualised to seek inward power through immoral actions”.

4) “Education is the most powerful tool that can be imagined, it is infinite and allow’s us to create and be the creators of anything we can imagine. That is the gift of God, he knew we would find it one day”.

5) “The temple of ‘pure education’ is for those that seek the answers beyond the bounds of their physical capacity”.

6) “There is a pattern to what we call existence, our God has revealed all, in the code that was in front of us since the birth of our world”.

7) “Our children’s minds are starting to work together to bond a new age of telepathic enlightenment”.

8) “Since the birth of the ‘creative education path’, society and technology are moving forward beyond recognition”.

9) “The age of wrapping sugar in a packet and selling it for profit is beyond us – The Sugar Age Is Over”.

10) “The golden age of life seems to have happened naturally, as the minds of the public understood the true meaning of democracy”.

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