Living in a time of December 2015, Stardate 93547.72 has become a moment of a significant place. The elites have become responsible again for destroying tranquillity. Their need for wealth has blinded their fate of nobility. The children of Earth, be it of all living things know their place as they have not woken up yet to this despicable disgrace.

Instead of helping and showing the world of a new state, they seem to be waiting until it’s all too late.

Animals dying and becoming extinct

The world is warming

Nuclear Threat

Forests burning

Factory buildings turning

Slavery still exists

Wars killing innocent children to absorb an organic liquid, required by the richest and misplace the people through a dictatorship.

A digital media designed to brainwash the taxed people of societies manifesting gate.

As a man living of this time, flickering through reality and questioning rationality. I want to try and understand why things won’t change to push us all in a place of opening enlightenment.

There are people who have hope in that the minds of those hidden and in control; will see the mistakes that can change, with simple planning and use technology that already exists. But those who have hope, it seems too big, because, the owners of this world depend on making them think in a way that doesn’t exist.

So, I ask you the future, I have seen you watching us from above, contemplating our pitiful approach to this meaningless grip on reality that is held back to exist. Send us a message that is dearly needed, and ask those that can step forward. Introduce a plan that will help all life in this shallow-pan, become something that is already planned.

I have tried to awake many awaiting individuals but I fear they want to remain blind and maintain the same daily rituals. I’m not scared of your knock at my door, I will expect you to come from a place of untold because you worked out the entanglement of the quantum code, and bent time to see this profound blur that you look back on and see a nonsensical bound within this disappearing ground.

I, we, apologise for this time and look to you, our children of tomorrow minds.

Sorry, I let humanity down.

death party

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