It’s Up To Us

We are here to do what we want
the planet doesn’t care what we are doing
it will still be here with or without human existence
It’s, Up, Too, Us.

The Paradox

Life means nothing in this vast universe
but at the same time, it also means everything
it’s a paradoxical vista.

The Simulation

The more I understand the complexity of this existence
the more I start to believe this is just one big simulation.
The theory of relativity shows us that time here is different somewhere else.
Eighty years here can be 8 minutes in another paradox
the dimensions that build up the universe come together like a futuristic computer.
The probability of waking up after you die is very high.

The Gifts

Choice, free will, emotions, sight, smell, touch and sound
Are all Godley gifts you are here to master.

This Film

When watching a film I have never seen before
I have this knack for figuring out the end very quickly.
When I start to watch ‘this’ film
I see some of it in my dreams, through meditation or while daydreaming before it happens.
In the end, I will wake up and reminisce to myself
“What a fucking shit hole that place was”


A doer can make anything happen.
The mind has this ability to work anything out
if you spend enough time trying to figure out the answer.

Enjoy more wisdom here.

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