Something or Nothing

It’s easy to find yourself doing nothing and not being able to do something. Write a list of what you will do today and follow through.

The list you follow should start to grow. Create sub-lists and arrows reaching out to innovation, concepts and amazing ideas. The mind tends to reach out and discover new things easily when engaging in something/anything. Refer to the chart and think of each note as a little doorway that can be expanded on. This works for creatives and academic minds, as it reminds you what needs to happen over different time spans. Try it!


My Way or The Highway

Everyone absorbs information differently, sometimes what you’re doing won’t make sense to employees. People want changes, they want you to do things the way they do it. They may even start editing your work because they feel like they are helping.

Try and show a little authority with your work. Explain why you have created a project in a particular way. This can sometimes be a difficult process. The reason is simple, reasoning with peoples ability to get to different conclusions – based on different pathways. People have different mechanisms they work with in order to see things the way they do. The experience will make you stronger in these circumstances. Most of the time you will end up at the point you started at. This can sometimes cause a standstill and no movement at all.


The Elitists

You may find that you have entered an elitist environment, where everyone thinks being employed is one big competition. These types of people will do anything to give themselves significance in the workplace. Let them win and leave. Alternatively, try and win the fight but we all know you will burn out sooner or later. Some people thrive in an elitist environment, most don’t. Follow how you feel, your aura will be so much better with your decision. Remember, a new door will always open around the corner.

Open Your Mind

Read, read, read and read even more. This will heighten your mind and make you see things differently. If you don’t like reading, find something else engaging. This could be listening to podcasts, reading poetry or finding a subject that inspires you. Even reading news feeds or perhaps writing articles or short stories. Information surrounds us everywhere. Use Google to seek the solution to all your questions, this will make you more responsive with your ability to seek out the answers.

The Walk

Go out for a walk during your dinner hour or break time. Get some fresh air and pump some blood around your body. This creates stimulation and burns off any excess calorie consumption. We all love coffee and cake during the day. The walk also breaks up the day and your free time will seem longer.


The Plan

Try and always look beyond your skillset. Things are changing quickly. You won’t be looking at a computer screen in the next five years. This will be replaced with a pair of argumentative reality specs, your world will be real-life 3D. Look beyond what’s in front of you and think about what you want to achieve in the next:

Take small steps and get there, this could be in the form of education, a new career in a dream job or running your own business. Think small first and DO! don’t wait around expecting something to happen, it WON’T.

Billy No Mates

It’s rare to meet friends in the workplace. They won’t be coming around your house and be in your close social circles. That’s just how it is. People leave the working door and switch off from that 8-10 hour day. That said, you will meet some great people and laugh and share emotions, ideas and spend time together. To contradict myself, you may find a partner or a life friend, however, this is unique.



People tend to have different ways of working things out. Some slower/faster than others. Be patient, never give yourself authority and significance by thinking you are cleverer, faster and smarter. You will come off annoying and people will be shaking their heads inside.

The Difficult Mind

Some bosses, directors and company owners like to cover all the angles. It can be frustrating and painful at the best of times. Sometimes, you may have to go through hundreds of variables just to get back to where you were in the beginning. That’s just how their minds work, learn to see this as part of your job. Sometimes, you can manage their thought process. You can remind them that certain types of variables are un-business related.


Everyone has feelings, most of us live in a bubble and don’t like it when it pops. Be mindful of this, people work at different frequencies; it defines them as a person and where they sit in the working environment. Never get personal.


Compulsive Interference Disorder

We all know that person, they have a tendency to try and be in every conversation, they know everything, they can fix it, they can do it and they are very irritating. This compulsive behaviour can range from all employment levels, even to the company owner. These people can’t self manage, struggle to manage others and give themselves overwhelming authority in the workplace. This is mainly because they have busy minds and work in a very confusing order. Be polite with these people and manage your time around them, it’s just how they are, they mean no harm.

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