What Does Love Mean?

1. Open up to your partner and express everything you know. Show a willingness to interact and be more open about any situation. 2. Love is but a connection of total comfort. 3. Love can be a simple look of acceptance. 4. Love is when you’re at home with your partner, and you find yourself […]

A Religious Thought – The Code Of God

Religion! One of the most powerful subjects known to any human being on the planet. It means different things to many cultures around the world. It offers answers to what we don’t understand. It gives us direction, social interaction, acceptance and most importantly – peaceful balanced correctness. This cluster of complex criteria is what makes […]

It’s Common Sense

What is Common sense? The word ‘deluded’ comes to mind every time I hear someone say that fused phrase of snapping acknowledgement. It’s common sense Is it really? You can’t categorise something that can not be measured on a global scale. The spectrum of life can be so different from a particular person in comparison […]

What Is Higher Knowledge?


When thinking about the term higher knowledge, it tends to offer up questions that awaken your grip on reality. There is so much to understand and learn while spending time on this planet. When you compare what we know and what is left to discover, it leads to an infinite amount of information. Think for […]

Intertwine The Dream State With Reality


Your dreaming state is a very powerful connection with your whole life journey on this planet. You can see images, sounds and significant moments of time that are linked to all the memories that will stay with you forever. Your dreams play like a film inside your mind. They will take you through to different […]

A Junction On The Road Of Life

Discovering The Road It’s human nature to look up to skies and wonder. Why? Where? How did we become? This is simply the wrong place to look or ask yourself these questions. It’s unimportant at this stage of existence. The reason is simple. We are not at a point of understanding the outer rims of […]

Insightful Moments Of Time Through Love & Employment

LOVE 1. Love is that moment when you find yourself looking for your partner just to see what they are doing. 2. Hold hands and cuddle more often. 3. Smile at each other. Hold on to that feeling. 4. Youth lasts forever, it’s only your outer shell that tires. 5. Love is knowing that no […]

12 Deluded Observations To Carry On With Life

1. Sometimes making out your not the most intellectual being in the room has its advantages. Don’t feel like you have to teach, assuming people don’t think as you can be very irritating. 2. Let people talk and engage in conversation. Being lavished in one person’s voice can hurt the eardrums. 3. Being told you […]

A Twisted Thought Through Life In This Time

The questions you may ask yourself in this lifetime are; Who am I? What do I want to achieve? What is my purpose? What does it all mean? The more you ask yourself these four burning questions, you begin to realize they all point to the same thing… Are they all asking the same question? […]