1). To know, many people in life can be seen as a form of popularity. But are these people actually your friends or just faces of recognition?

2). A friend is a person who offers a hand without you even asking. They can see your needs as you should see theirs.

3). Friends call you for advice and console in your knowledge. This is a form of welcoming trust, which you should feel honoured to share.

4). A good friend sometimes parts due to personal circumstances or a new opening in life. But they always return for a moment of your presence.

5). A lifetime friend can sometimes be more powerful than a relationship with your own siblings.

6). A good friend can compliment, accept and respond to your needs of confirmation.

7). Never neglect a friend’s passion for their personal point of view. Sometimes all you can do is agree. Try and offer a different perspective or even an altered angle of approach. This can bring balance.

8). It’s good to sit back and think about the good old days.

9). Friends say things out of character on many occasions. It’s not that they are putting you down or trying to upset you. It’s the fact they are trying to understand the concept of the situation themselves. Friends express emotions in many different ways.

10). Friendship is rather like a relationship but without the physical contact.

11). Becoming friends is normally unexpected, but as you grow closer it becomes a natural process of trust and championship.

12). A friendship can materialise from a person you dislike or find annoying. It’s not until you are forced into a situation that you find the person to be of similar character as yourself that you finally accept them in this different light.

13). Always try and be open in new surroundings or new situations – like employment, education or places of leisure, to be judgmental of a person before you even speak to them, will only project your narrow closed ignorance mindset.

14). A friend will always ask you to do something, to which you completely disagree with. Be firm with your beliefs as a “NO” does not mean the end of a friendship. When your friend self-analysis this later they will communicate back to you with an apology.

15). Be positive and encouraging to all your friend’s new stages in life. This includes educational goals, a new home, a new baby, partners and employment. Never feel jealous or cringe with envy and say nothing but a fake smile. Be happy for them, as they would have worked hard for it.

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