To think and manifest ideas through pure cognitive projection keeps us in a significant state.

I think therefore I am

René Descartes

Through the art of conversation, it becomes perplexed to see how individuals come to conclusions based on the understanding of their overall knowledge, thus far on our shared time.

The human mind places information in an ordered place, to which they articulate an understanding, based on the perceived interpretation of conclusively associated assumption.

In other words, they make up the lack of understanding of factual information by filling in the gaps with made-up connections of criteria that only exists in their mind; to be the opinionated truth of thought which engages on a path of continual conversation that makes them feel safe.

People tend to paint many pictures inside their mind because they have read the wrong signals from social scenarios and interpreted them as something else, to fit the questions they have on reflection of a moment or place.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is wait and try not to complicate the situation of taste. After you have shown or taught people a new idea or angle of significance, they tend to realise your seeds at a different date.

Only to discover in the next conversation that your words have now become their original creative ideas that they thought of at an earlier time frame.

Can you paint the pictures for listeners or do you listen to the picture painters and make the assumption that they want you to participate? Seed planters are all around you; now it’s time to bake the cake.

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