11 Powerful Wisdoms To Help Reflect On Life


Some of these wisdoms I have written myself but others I have remembered. Do any resonate with you? 1. Your imagination is a subatomic world of energy that can be manipulated to form physical matter. You are a God! 2. If you compete against other people, eventually, you will become bitter. If you compete against […]

The 5 Senses Of Self


To become the best at whatever you do in both mind and physical connection, you need to be able to make simple calculations of information that is happening around you and everyone else. You absorb vast amounts of data through your five senses. Most of it is discarded because you can’t process it. The key […]

What Are The Different States Of Meditation?


Many people from different walks of life meditate. Meditation is a form of exercise that reverses the physical output from your daily life cycle; it brings peace, balance and fills your mind and body with positive energy. To engage in meditation doesn’t mean you must be highly religious, believe in a god or live in […]

How To Beat Capitalism


Young children don’t see poverty, richness, luxury, wealth, money, inequality, capitalism, democracy or philosophy. Children see emotions and build their new world through the actions of their parents and close family members. Being a child brings a wealth of brilliant memories that help define their current level of consciousness. As adults, we become the slave […]

All The Mistakes Of An Indie Author Selling Books On Amazon


Writing books that you can sell on the Amazon store takes time and dedication, but we all know this fact. So, there must be a reason why you searched for ‘Indie Author’ or ‘Self-Publishing’ help! And landed on this page. If you’re new to the world of self-publishing/indie author, got through the KDP offering and […]