The Universal Code Of Love

There is a universal code of love hidden deep and remains untold.
To find it, you must discover trust;
in the valley filled with diamonds and dust.

Love stretches through the curvature of space,
reaching all beings of a different race
because all the galaxies are connected with energy – defined by a memory of stills.

The colour of love can be found in a dying star;
sometimes, it can be seen in a comet,
seeking its way to a different Earth.
Love is the torment of a swinging solar system,
bound by gravity on a mystic cataclysm.

The universe commands love in the palm of its lilliputian hand;
where life holds the secret in the eyes of its mind.

Love without life!
Life without love!

Would create a paradox of existence
that wouldn’t be worth living
as the greens of the grass
would look colourless and bland.

Love is an entity that captures the breeze
as you kiss on the beach with your toes in the sand.
Love is tiny but a precious baby mind,
living out its existence in the light of this plan.

Love is you;
love is me;
love is us, for a moment in diamonds and dust.

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