The Shadows Of Death

In shadows deep, where silence reigns,
a dance with fate, where life wanes.
A realm of whispers, cold and still,
where mortal hearts succumb to chill.

The Reaper’s touch, a gentle graze,
leads souls through night’s endless maze.
Beneath the moon’s pale, watchful eye,
in quiet repose, we all must lie.

Bitter tendrils, cold and stark,
embrace the soul, leave but a mark.
Infinite slumber, a final breath,
a dance with darkness, the dance with death.

No solace found, no plea avails,
as life surrenders, and courage fails.
Into the abyss, we all must fall,
answering death’s relentless call.

Yet, in this darkness, a truth holds fast,
that life’s brief ember, though transient, won’t last.
For in the cycle, a promise lies,
that from death’s ashes, new hope shall rise.

So let the shadows stretch and grow,
for from this darkness, strength will flow.
In death’s embrace, we find our rest,
to rise anew, in nature’s quest.

Go Alone

Death, the great unknown,
A journey we all must go alone.
No turning back, no second chance,
an end to life’s enchanting dance.

A shroud of mystery, a veil of fear,
an end to laughter, end to tears.
But death is not an end in truth,
but just a door to endless youth.

It takes away what once was alive,
and leaves behind what still can thrive.
Memories, love, and all we’ve done,
lives on in those we’ve loved and won.

So when death comes knocking at our door,
let us not fear, let us not deplore.
For life is but a fleeting breeze,
and death, a journey to eternal peace.

Death, a shadow that creeps and crawls,
a darkness that covers us all.
A fear that whispers in the night,
a looming threat that brings no light.

It steals away the light of day,
and with it, all our hopes and dreams.
Leaving nothing but a mournful sigh,
and memories that forever gleam.

The darkness of death, a bottomless well,
a void that we cannot comprehend.
A loss that we cannot fully tell,
a wound that cannot be mended.

But in the midst of this endless night,
there’s a flicker of hope in sight.
For even in death, there’s a light,
the love we shared, shines bright.

So let us not fear this final dark,
for it leads to a brand new dawn.
Where the pain and loss are left behind,
and peace and love forever born.

Death May Come

Death, the inevitable fate,
the end of our earthly state.
A journey that must be made,
for all, without exception or trade.

It comes without warning or sound,
and turns the world upside down.
but death is not the final sleep,
just a transition, a soul to keep.

For those we love, it brings great pain,
an emptiness that cannot be regained.
But life and love are never truly gone,
for they live on, in memory, in song.

So let us live, while we still can,
embrace each moment, make a stand.
For death may come, but life endures,
leaving behind a legacy that assures.

What Your Are At The Begining You’ll Be At The End

In realms of shadow, Time does play,
a fleeting waltz, an endless sway.
A dance begun, where moments blend,
at start and end, I am your friend.

In youth’s bright morn, with vigor, gleam,
we chase our dreams, we dare to dream.
Yet, ‘cross the years, as sun does wane,
I linger still, a constant chain.

For what I am at the beginning,
I’m also at the end, unending.
A silent witness, I keep the score,
as life’s grand tapestry unfurls.

I mark the moments, swift and slow,
in joy and sorrow, high and low.
Through valleys deep and mountains grand,
I guide you with my steady hand.

Embrace me, mortal, don’t despair,
for in my grasp, all burdens bear.
For every ending, a fresh start,
a chance to mend a wounded heart.

So heed my whisper, soft and wise,
s moments flee ‘neath distant skies.
For in each heartbeat’s fleeting chime,
You’ll find me there, through space and time.

Deaths Breath

In the hush of twilight’s tender breath,
when shadows lengthen, embracing death,
The light, it dances, a fleeting spark,
a final false in the gathering dark.

It catches the edges, gentle and bright,
as we step forth into the night,
A luminous bridge, a radiant thread,
guiding us where mortal souls are led.

With each fading heartbeat’s sigh,
the brilliance swells, painting the sky,
a tapestry woven of gold and rose,
as earthly burdens, we willingly dispose.

Through veils of time, we gently part,
embracing the call of the silent heart,
the light catches us, lifting our fears,
as we step beyond, leaving behind earthly years.

In that tender moment, we find release,
the warmth of the sun, the whispering peace,
death, like a sunset, a painted scene,
a doorway to realms we’ve never seen.

So let the light catch us, hold us near,
as we bid farewell to earthly sphere,
for in that radiance, we find our way,
into the night, into the day.

A Short Philosophical Point About Death

Death is a fundamental aspect of the human experience, marking the end of biological life. It’s a subject that has intrigued and challenged thinkers, philosophers, and theologians throughout history. Many perspectives exist on what death means and how it should be understood.

One viewpoint, often associated with existentialism, suggests that death gives life its meaning. The impermanence and inevitability of death impel individuals to confront the significance of their existence and the choices they make. This perspective emphasises the importance of living authentically and purposefully, cherishing each moment.

Another perspective, influenced by various religious and spiritual beliefs, posits that death is a transition rather than an end. Many faith traditions offer the idea of an afterlife or reincarnation, providing solace and hope in the face of mortality. For some, death is viewed as a reunion with a higher power or a return to a cosmic consciousness.

From a more scientific standpoint, death is seen as a natural part of the life cycle. It allows for the renewal of resources and the continuation of life in various forms. The process of decomposition and the recycling of organic matter contribute to the cycle of life on our planet.

Ultimately, one’s philosophy about death is deeply personal and can be shaped by cultural, religious, philosophical, and experiential factors. It influences how individuals approach life, confront their own mortality, and find meaning in their existence. It’s a topic that invites contemplation, reflection, and often leads to a greater appreciation for the preciousness of life itself.

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