Monthly Archives: March 2020

How Did Humans Really Get Here?


What is the purpose of life? We, humans, living on a planet rotating around the Sun. Our world is shooting around a galaxy that is bound by the grooves of gravity. Our galaxy connects to the fabrication of the universe. A universe packed with black holes that entwine energy, frequency, matter and subatomic systems that […]

Black Hole & Galaxy Creation Theory


We know that black holes are born from large collapsed stars and take different forms and sizes. This can be seen in the beautiful images from our advanced telescopes that manoeuver around the Earth’s orbit. The great Steven Hawking goes into so much detail explaining the mathematics, the event horizon and how different energy particles […]

What Are The Different Levels Of Consciousnes?


There are many books, articles and blog posts on the internet that give off a different perspective of consciousness. And rightly so, the interpretation of a being’s consciousness, questioning what consciousness is, creates a little bit of a paradox because the thinker is questioning the thinking. It can put the ‘thinker’ into many different aspects […]