Introducing the biggest poetry and wisdom coffee table book in the whole wide world. With over 500 pages, this new book from D. J. Irvine combines three anthologies and over one hundred pages of modern wisdom. The gargantuan A4 sized front cover and bind (21.6 x 3 x 27.9 cm) has a beautiful illustration that defines its purpose and contents wonderfully.

Paradoxical Vista – Collector’s Edition – combines philosophy, wisdom and poetry to help entice its readers to think! And open new doorways within their reality. Enjoy beautiful visuals and creative writing on life, death, love and journeys beyond the universe.
Paradoxical Vista will complement any room with its luxurious black finish and modern take on poetry. It calls to the spectator and commands them to pick it up and softly lift the pages to reveal the awaiting content. Enjoy treasures for:

  • Creative writers looking for inspiration
  • Design/media/marketing agencies
  • Any place of commercial/private business premises
  • Hospitals
  • Waiting areas
  • Reception tables
  • Coffee and tea rooms up and down the country
  • Education establishments / The teacher’s social room / Universities of the highest calibre
  • Museums
  • And most importantly of all, your bedside table.

If you love poems and wisdom – Paradoxical Vista is a book for the keen collector who places poetry and philosophy in the highest of places. Here is a description of what awaits the reader, without giving anything away.


Enjoy over 100 pages filled with wisdom that will make you think! And help you with this journey we call life. Each extract combines modern philosophy, pansophy and observations. Expect doorways to open inside your mind, feel and visualize a state of reality that will help heighten your sense of knowledge. Explore your consciousness in a way you have never discovered before. Paradoxical Vista was written to help you understand the anomalies; existence throws at you.


Get lost in a beautiful collection of love poems living within these lustrous pages. Each poem is written in connection with life, partners, husbands, wives, girlfriends & boyfriends. These carefully constructed works of wonder will take you to the stars and back. Enjoy travelling through space-time, meeting soulmates and transcending through nebula clusters that will entwine your thoughts with the divine.

Death & Life

To understand life, you need to question death. This book is also packed with philosophy on the darkness that awaits us all and is composed in free form poetry with an essence of wisdom. Enjoy the beautiful visuals that will take you on a journey beyond the shadows. Death, a word or thought that not many of us think about; the fact death exists and is the pinnacle point of life, means it needs to be questioned. When the human mind reaches of age, it questions the unforeseen. This is a normal process of thought for almost everyone. Questions creep into your consciousness, and you feel an urge to find an answer, mainly because you know the end is near. Here are a few questions you might ask yourself: What happens when I die? Will my family be ok when I die? I wonder how I will die? Will death be painful or peaceful? Would I do it all again differently? There are many ways to answer some of the above questions. You may have found your answers in religion, spirituality, science, family and friends or some alternative way of thinking. Finding peace with your inner being is the key only you hold. Accepting death helps you live out life the way you want to live it. You must reason with death, understand death and meet death as a welcoming gesture of life’s end. Who wants to live forever? Even if you could live forever, the day will come when you will welcome death as your friend, as a moment that needs to happen, or as a necessity for your energy to move into or onto something else.

A Note From Me – D. J. Irvine

Thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this article. I guarantee this ‘Collector’s Edition’ will make you smile, laugh, cry or feel! We all live with human emotions which can be aroused with the words and photography that fill the pages of this new book. I hope to take you on a journey or unlock a forgotten memory. I’ve given you a slight perspective of my reality, enjoy!

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