Entering into the fragments of my inner mind.
Let me take you on a journey, where words of choice are delivered before their time.
I’m a being, resonating with my seeing –
turning energy into language – from matter on this beam of light.

I can unwrap the molecules hidden deep inside my DNA.
They show me how reality just wants to play.
I can see time, that equals E = mc2
but it’s only relative to entities reading this rhyme.

Tell me what you know so that it can feed my inner glow;
on a world that’s sometimes filled – with plain – delicate white snow.
Let me reach out with my frequency,
and bend your mind with all of this teachery
with a word that doesn’t fit the books of all this witchery.

A poet’s mind is blank with envy
as the night casts a shadow on broken old men,
who just turned twenty.
All these words, pushed together to create a sequence for some;
as most of the world is blinded by the objects giving off – false fun.

living out life!
Like it needs mending.

The sound of a slammed door – makes all jump.
Screaming tears of rage – creates a scar on your brain.
The sound of music – brings peace for all who can listen.
Nights bring out the animals who live in secret from the tall deluded beings.

Follow me into the layers of this itinerary.
Are you ready for a poet’s mind?
Can you break free from a prison that doesn’t exist?
Trapped in a prism that shows you light how it is.

I can see the children smiling at their toes.
Women start delivering when they feel the love with their chose.
Men spear for blood that brings dinner after close.
Grandparents are sitting, remembering all the times of old.

The nights grow cold.
The nights drip in sweat from your new moan.
The days grow shorter.
The days grow longer.

live-out life for all the stories to be told.

Creep inside a poet’s mind, seek all the treasures they want you to find.

Do it all while living out life!
In the moment, in a time, lived out by mortals for their unforgivable crimes.

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