I Can Do Whatever I Want

I can do whatever I want
Even when mum and dad look really tough.
Sometime’s I can be a little angel and other times I can spark up a stunt.
But now and again
I turn into a terror
And scream and shout
Because I’m kinda clever.

Mummy and daddy look very cross
But I still get what I want.

I’m an angel.
I’m a saint.
I’m a little terror.

But in the end – just after my bot-bot and bath
I whisper my love into mummy and daddy’s hearts.

I Love Your Smile

I kiss you every night before bed
I smiled when you took your first step
I love your cuddles and those sloppy new kisses
I stress about the mess you make – which carries itself to every road we take
I kissed those stinky toes and feet – just to get a laugh that’s so unique
I listen to your stories – that only me and you know
I’m there for you when you stamp your foot and quibble
But most of all – I love your smile, every morning when the sun comes out for a while.

I Want To Be A Big Boy

I want to be a big boy – like my brothers, look at them go.
I want to play outside – with the lightsaber and be a Jedi night – look at me glow.

I’m not a little tiny baby anymore, I’m 3 – don’t you know.
I’m a big boy – like my big brothers – look at them go.

I want to sleep in my own bed – so I can get out again and sleep with mummy and daddy instead.
I want to play with the big train set and climb the huge hills at the end.
I’m not a little tiny baby anymore, I’m 3 – don’t you know.
I’m a big boy – like my big brothers – look at them go.

I want to get myself dressed but need some help with my socks and shoes.
I can climb the stairs myself, let go of my big boy hand too.

I’m going to sleep now, so tomorrow when I wake up –
I will be a BIG BOY!
Just like my big brothers,
It’s true!

Life Turns Into Love

We walk hand-in-hand
To stay safe on this journey we create.
Talking, singing and dancing a song;
We made this life seem like it could do no wrong.

To my daughter and my son
Me and your mum –
Made you!
To be strong.

For this wonder with all its thunder
Gets you dreaming when life turns into love.


Stinky nappies,
Stinky bums;
Here comes mummy with her song.
Chubby cheeks
And chubby arms;
Here comes mummy with her milk.
Mummy gets woke up at 3oclock
As daddy still sleeps without a peep.
Crying babies in the cot
Mummy is tired as daddy gets to work.
Stinky nappies,
Stinky little feet;
Burping babies up and down the streets.
Baby tired,
Baby sleeps;
We love your farts when you nibble on the teet.

Mummy Mummy

Mummy, mummy I’ve done a massive jobby –
I need you to change my bum.
Mummy, mummy help me build this train track –
I can’t build it all by myself.
Mummy, mummy chase me around the house –
Let’s play a game together, so we can shout and scream our hearts out.
Mummy, mummy I’ve wet the bed again –
Can I sleep with you and daddy at the end?
Mummy, mummy kiss me good night –
I love all your cuddles and I promise not to wake you up with a fright.

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