After putting together Paradoxical Vista – Collector’s Edition I had enough content left over to create a new book with over 300 pages. I decided to call it – Colourful Minds – Words Of Wisdom.

This new book is packed with all the short wisdom snippets I put together for Instagram and this very website. I have also added some lovely photography which complements each element of pansophy throughout the content of the book. I feel this book will make you think, laugh, read out loud and extend anyone’s level of consciousness. Well, that’s what philosophy does; it sharpens the mind and helps stimulate those sparks of energy to be creative.

When I told people about this new book, they all asked me the same question; what do I use it for? So, with that question in mind, here are some answers:

The Young Mind

This book is perfect for young minds – teenagers. They are at that stage in life when their state of reality is developing very fast. This book can help them master their social settings, home life, school, college, university and the workplace.

Family Life

Family life is exciting, stressful, busy and loving. Sometimes, you all need to get together and have a little fun. This book can offer some meaningful entertainment. Take it in turns to read out a page of wisdom; now the reader has to ask someone their interpretation of the information. There can be no wrong answers, what your trying to do is question and develop your own collective sense of consciousness. Try it.


This book can also be used in the classroom as part of cognitive development lesson. Students can form groups and give there own thoughts on 5-10 pages of wisdom. Everyone has a different perspective, can generate new ideas, or come up with something collectively or independently. This concept allows pupils to be creative while thinking about the philosophical aspects of life. Is this book a powerful entity that can help with: creative writing, religious studies, psychology, politics and mental health? All the answers are a few pages away.


Wisdom or philosophy is great escapism during the working day. People need a moment of entertainment, a smile, a thought or a simple gesture that promotes well-being. This type of book offers all those things. Leave it in the staff room, in the cafeteria, on the table in your design agency or in the toilet; in case you run out of toilet paper – hahaha!. The choice is yours, but at least you will have a book in the working environment that provokes thought through wisdom.

Colourful Mind

I have read some of the wisdom ‘out-loud’ at work myself, I’ve posted them on my social networking channels, and some get a better reaction than others. I find every one is different, which we all know is human nature; but we are looking for something that resonates with our very being. When we find something that stimulates our thought patterns, it makes us react and respond. If the book does any of these things for you as a reader, I have done my job as a creator.

Colourful Mind – Words Of Wisdom is out now on Amazon. I hope you enjoy the words that await within.


Some Words Of Wisdom

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