Black approaching from the North Penetrating a meaningless worth Giving significance for all its concern. Granite waves Slowing to turn To unleash its power On all who mutter. Silent! Then the burn, Electric white From a different world. Run, Hide – Shelter in fear. Droplets pounding the ground, Infinite, Prisoned within Trying to escape a […]

What Is A Spiritual Awakening?


A spiritual awakening is a happening of self-realisation while seeing reality for what it is. It can happen to anyone, but as an individual, you must seek it. Once it happens to you (awakened), it cannot be undone. You can choose to ignore it and rely on ignorance to relieve the burden you carry. It […]

Is Time Connected To Human Emotions?


Time, a subject that excites existence. The essence of time for many human minds is a straight line, an edge that has a start and finishing point. Comparing life to this thought process makes sense because it’s easy to understand; while being projected in a two-dimensional state of thought. Depending on your job or interests, […]