These words are all but had,
is it all that I have?

Lost in a prison that fills my mind full of wisdom.

What’s the point in this system?
Another day of delinquents!

I can’t feel myself think.
It’s gone, from this vessel of decaying stink.

I touch the grass,
smell the scent of the flowers,
hear the laughter of the kid’s,
but it all means nothing on this lost ball of significance.

I was hoping you could save me from myself;
I ask only my inner friend
who laughs at me trying to pretend.

A world that will one-day end.
What’s the point in this working for no amend?

One day my life will be all gone!
I won’t be able to look back and think of this numbed pain;
a reason I shan’t gain.

Free from this prison,
a world ruled by greedy men.

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