Life was what it was,
in the early days of growing young.
It was igniting like the thunder,
casting its spell into a world already filled with some.

You didn’t have time to stop and think,
about what this is, a delicate thing.
Living, laughing, crying and listening –
to the twisted stories of delinquent some.

It happens around you, through you, it is you.
You become it, see it and completely believe in it,
a slave to it.

Are you awakened to it?

Different paths to take or seek,
take you on a journey that must meet:
people, employment, partners a treat.

Children are arriving at your feet.
Be ready for something so complete.

Wiser now, you question society,
outer-space and possibly reality
but quickly realise your positional state.

Someone needs to make a change;
it starts with you!
With your deluded brain.

Is it too late to change this fate?
Grab it!
Go to the grave with a smile on your face.

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