Many people have been introduced to this notion
to help us over the stepping stones of undiscovered oceans
that pours out like a blood fuelled potion.

Separation occurs to those with the magic lotion
to suppress the information like it was no commotion.

Hiding in the shadows,
scared to show face,
in case the public sees and remove a grip in this moment of peace.

Deceitful tricks of no return,
shallow your mind with no concern.

Awakening of this day,
overcoming the darkness so all children can play.

Awaiting here for the perfect moment,
to start the engines of this new devotion.

A golden age that was written by a few before,
to complete a generation that is nearly due.

Peace will happen once again
until the innocents are blinded by trust and pretend.

Is it clear?
This paradoxical end.

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