As the feeling of old slowly creeps in,
I wonder how life has become so wafer-thin.

The sensation to feel is dying like a moment that defines the equation of a light bulb starting to dim.
Slipping through the notion of getting a grin,
seeing the pain of young sons trying to fit into a paradox that only exists within.

A journey begins as one wants to end
with the pain to understand the secrets of men.
Holding onto a pen ready to bend
that will never be seen again
to write a name into history
on a short timeline,
that leads to a definite end.

The youth is living life without thinking to amend.
The wars created with the only meaning of pretend.
They mean nothing!
Only to people who defend a voice in their head;
a sad existence for a troubled few who look down and spit at you.

As the shroud begins to come down,
the end approaches like heavy eyelids touching the ground.

Mortals played the game, so everyone had a chance of gain.

Those who rule and gain a position of power,
need to understand the equilibrium of a person at the top of the tower.
A place where balance defines the existence of a newborn flower.

The change has already begun.

FEEL it,
and all will be DONE!

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