We’re the three Princesses –
Amber, Scarlet and little Megan;
Seeking out adventure
In this huge town called Kettering.

Amber is the oldest one,
She’s strong with love and caring fun.
A gymnast, who can bound and run –
Across the floor with a twist and a jump.

She makes things look easy!
She looks after all her friends.
Amber is the one that puts things on the mend.

Look out! Here comes Scarlet,
A warrior princess.
She dresses up in delightful pinks
And wears a crown upon her head.

She’s daring and a little shy.
She whispers and makes all the boys cry.
She’s wild, a fighter and has eyes as blue as the sky.

Megan is the little one,
With much to learn from her sisters.
They show her how to get things done;
While wearing her hair in a beautiful bun.

Megan dances and waves at her mum.
She’s never far behind when they go out for a run.
She’s naughty, shouty and demands to get things done;
All while playing in the castle – she built out of pure love.

Together, the 3 Princesses rule over the lands.
There’s nothing they can’t do with all their crazy plans.
If you look really hard,
Over the hills and grasslands –
You might catch a glimpse of them waving their little hands.

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