My name is Zailan
I’m from another rock –
Way out in space,
Near where time has nearly forgot.

I’ve come to planet Earth
In the form of a re-birth.
So get ready for my presence
While I stroll around looking very pleasant.

My IQ goes beyond intelligence.
I’m fast at math and can draw with elegance.
I’ve got secret gadgets,
And can take you for a ride
In my spaceship
That is built to hover and glide.

You might see me walking around the school.
I wear sunglasses that look super cool.

You might find me in the city,
Walking around the shops
With my outer space kitty.

If you see me in any type of trouble,
Don’t worry!
I’m going to put them in the rubble.

My name is Zailan!
I’m here for a while.
I love this little rock,
It’s a little bit wild.

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