For my birthday this year,
I got this amazing new bike.
I took it out for a ride
With my best mate Mike.

It’s stylish and sleek,
I’m the fastest kid on the street.
Watch me win the races
Without the need to cheat.

This awesome bike has shiny alloy wheels,
Vivid stickers and a tiny funky bell.
It has reflectors, brakes, and a badge on the front that spells…
“I know, flipping heck!”

I’ve been living on this bike now for the past crazy week.
I’ve shown it to all my friends.
I’ve even taken it out at the weekend!

I’ve taken it to the park and my hidden, fantastic den.
My dad had to stop me
When I tried to put it in my bed.

But with all things said…
I’m made up with this new bike
Mainly because
It’s painted a fabulous colour red.

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