My Little Sister

My little sister is always crying.
She’s demanding and I tends to do a lot lying.
We always have to play her games,
And she has to do it – her own special way.

We have to play dressing up,
Doctors and nurses,
Teachers and princesses –
Which is way too much.

When we finish playing her games,
It’s me!
The oldest,
Who has to do all the tidying up.

I had a word with my mum and dad,
But they don’t care
And laughed at my plans.

I’m going to write a letter to the Prime Minister.
He’s going to have to change these rules!
For the brothers – who have younger sisters
It’s not fair,
It’s deleterious,
It’s just not cool!

I didn’t want to have to take it
To these extreme measures.
It’s time I made a stand
For all these displeasures.

My Big Brother

My big brother can be a little mad
But I love him
Because he’s always super rad!
He plays all my silly games.
I make him dress up when he’s in a crazy rage.

When I’m tired of all this fun
He does all the tidying up
Because he’s super strong!

My big brother wants to play Spiderman.
He asked me to be Robin or Batman,
Like that’s some sort of fantastic plan.

Maybe I will in the future,
When I’m stronger
And can fit in the costumes.

My mum and dad laugh at his jokes,
He’s my big brother,
My hero,
My oak!

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