A Day At The Beach

The morning is warm
The day is hot!
It’s time we packed our things
And head for a beach spot.

Buckets and spades.
The cricket set a must!
And don’t forget this list, if you please, it’s a must!

The football and frisbee.
Pack it all together with the deck chairs and crispies.

Bring the sandwiches and money for ice cream,
Let’s get to that beach!
And enjoy the sun in high beam.

Bring out that factor 50 lotion,
And put plenty on.
It was created by wizards
From the planet Albertron.

Now you’re ready for all this play,
Let’s all go crazy and enjoy this fabulous day.

Let’s build some sandcastles.
Let’s dig a big hole.
Let’s run to the water and feel the sand between our toes.

The beach is amazing.
The beach is fun.
So tell your mum and dad
It needs to be done!


It’s summertime!
I can’t wait to get outside.
I want to play in the garden.
I want to play on the slide.

Let’s build a treehouse.
Let’s build a den.
Let’s all dress up in our amazing costumes again.

Mum is making a picnic.
Dad is filling the paddling pool.
Grandad has got his shades on and is looking really cool.

Nanny has made some homemade lemonade.
Uncle Simon is holding a plastic spade.
Auntie Cherie is drinking wine, but it’s only half-past eight.

It’s summertime!
And I feel great!
Let’s get all our friends around,
Until the time grows exponentially late.

My Super Dad

Our super dad is a bit crazy and mad,
And decided to build us a treehouse
In the middle of the park.

Me and my brother
Can’t wait for this wonder…
As we watch like Thor with his mighty white thunder.

He’s been bashing and screwing, and sawing all this wood.
He even cried out with a yelp as he stood.

The treehouse is starting to take on a crazy shape.
It’s got two windows, a roof and splendid little gate.

Our super-dad has even built a trap door,
So, me and my brother can escape – when playing Marvel wars.

He’s decided to paint the tree house black,
And even hung a pirate’s flag on the back.
My dad is super cool
All we need now…
Is a slide and paddling pool.

The Walks

My mum and dad like to go out for walks.
Sometimes it’s cool
Sometimes it’s not!

When the wind is loud and the frost is white,
I just want to stay in and stay out of sight.
I’m not into those wintery cold walks,
Wearing all those clothes to keep my toes warm.

It’s freezing out there
And that’s the crazy truth.
I’m staying in bed because I command it! –
If only I could.

It’s late April now
And the sun is warming up.
I’m out with my shorts on
I’m out because it’s hot!

I can walk for miles in this beautiful weather,
I can run and dance like I’m lighter than a feather.

We stop for a picnic.
We drink cold lemonade.
What could any kid want more
Than these splendid summer days?

I love watching the wildlife.
I can see for miles and miles.
Mum and dad join in all the summer games
Which leaves them with a big smile.

I love the summer.
I can’t wait to explore!
You can always find me,
Running around in the colourful meadows
Without no frost and snow.

Fun At The River

Let’s all pop down to the river.
We can all go skinny dipping.
Let’s take our shoes and sock off
And stick our stinky toes in.

Don’t forget to roll up your trousers.
This river is really cold – oow, wowzers!
If you can’t swim, only walk up to your ankles.
Stop using me as a handle.

Let’s build a boat and have a race,
Chuck in a poo stick
To see who comes in first place.

Let’s see if we can catch a fish,
Not a chance
With all this splash and swish.

We love coming down to the river
It’s fast,
It’s fantastic,
It’s great!

It’s now time to go home and eat a sandwich.
Is that the time?
It’s half-past eight!

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