They call me Bubba!
I’m the newest toddler around.
I can drink 20 bot-bots while holding a steady frown.
I’m the cutest, the loveliest and the boy who makes lots of sounds.
That’s me!
Bubba, and I’m here to stick around.

When I fart – everyone laughs.
I can do the biggest burbs around these parts.
I’m the fastest, the loudest and can draw amazing works of art.
They call me Bubba!
I’m the cheekiest toddler about.

When I’m out with my brother’s –
I can climb to the highest slide.
I can outmanoeuvre all the other kids and blow their tiny minds.
Everyone shouts out “look it’s Bubba!”
So I turn around slowly and show them how I shine.

At night, when everyone’s in bed –
I can turn into a ninja and climb into my mum and dad’s bed.

During the day, I can watch 100 cartoons
And eat 50 yoghurts with my little blue spoon.

I can ride a bike already, I’m the strongest toddler in town.
I can sing all the songs on the radio and make cupcakes in my dressing gown.

I’m Bubba,
I’m the newest toddler around.
Make sure and look out for me
When I’m chilling in your playground.

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