I hate getting up in the mornings.
My life is wasted on this school.
I hate eating all my vegetables.
All I wanna do is be cool!

I hate shopping with my mum.
My dad is scary when he shouts.
I hate playing sports at school.
I’m too cool to be a clown.

I hate doing my homework.
My game console is calling me out.
I hate losing to my brother – who shouts out – way too loud.
Cool is what I do – cool is who I am.
I’m the cool kid – with a ten-pound note in my hand.

I hate doing all the dishes.
I’m not a slave to all these chores and conditioning.
I hate staying in after 8
I’m the cool kid,
And I should be allowed to stay out late.

I hate all these rules.
I’m a kid, not a fool.
I hate being grounded – I lost my phone – and still haven’t found it.
But I’m still cool – when I’m out on the playground –
Because that’s me!
The cool kid – from out of town.

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