Falling into the trap of significance.
Pretending to see layers that don’t exist,
giving you a reason to exist on this tiny ball of insignificance.

Telling innocent people to conform.
Learning geniuses to draw in the form;
blinded by gigantic cold shadows inside the teacher’s dorm.

This way!
That way!
This is a must!
If you don’t conform, it must be a cross,
all making a fucked up fuss.

Unlearn the rules and see beyond the game.
See beyond the pain of the significance fame.
It gives them power.
It gives them control.
It makes them feel special, you know.

Fall not, into this delusional state.
Be great and bend the rules to your debate.

This is what – will! Make you significant.
When all that’s left,
is an insignificant murmur of opinionated rust.


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