Peering deep inside your mind.
Learning the frequency of time.
Showing you the reality of this manifestational climb.
A black hole.
A galaxy filled with infinite disclose –
designed to make you stand on your toes.

Create a reality inside your soul.
Need it to happen.
Want it to happen.
Never look back until all is disclosed.

The fabrication of reality awaits your call.
Create it from the inner depths of your consciousness.
Reminding yourself that all before you is a perception of existence,
actuality –
a simple act of gravity.

Ask it.
Will it.
Become the master of your thoughts.
The universe answers back and makes it, so you’ve fought.

Will you create the reality you want?
Or ponder on the questionable state of love?

I’ve given you the answers to this struggle that is not.
Talk to the universe.
Take all it’s got.


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