A teacher, philosopher, a talker of all –
full of wisdom for even more;
untouchable with a mind that can do!
Is this real?
This person of an overwhelming chore.

Stories of old,
history to be told,
smiles and everlasting hold.

Passing on everything needed for a new journey to be told.

“Tell me again” – get the job done and don’t pretend.

Talking me through the jobs to be done:
pop to the shops;
all while singing a merry song.

“I can’t do it” – trying to pretend.

She pointed the finger and glared again.

“There’s no such thing as can’t” – she would repent.

A life lesson learnt until the very end.

Passing on the message still!
Through my eyes,
the letter spent
as my children spill a defiant dent.

Unknowing until the time is old,
a paradox the future holds.

A beautiful poetic woman –
my nan – Josephine O’Toole.

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