Hardened by life’s journey of sold –
all the emotions packed tight into an endless hole.
Bastard child or broken home,
parents loving, some have it all;
no room for emotions to show.

Tears held back by moments that decide:
anger and sadness for the eyes.

Cry inside;
cry on your own;
cry in the church close to your home.

Tears wiped before others can see.
Men don’t cry for strangers to see.
Soulless in moments that need hold.
Emotions deciding on the choices to be bold.

Men Don’t Cry.
Men Don’t Cry.
Men Don’t Cry.

Men showing Men how to hide the pain within.
Boys crying.
Girls screaming.
Women shedding tears for women.

Men’s eyes wobbling.
Veins bursting with purple fire and pride!
Keeping the emotions locked within.
Is this a dreadful sin?

Men cry on their own, hidden from faces who tell all the stories of old.


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