Death, a word or thought that not many of us put into perspective. The fact death exists and is the pinnacle point of life, means it needs to be questioned. When the human mind reaches of age, it questions the unforeseen, which is a normal process of thought for almost everyone.

Questions creep into your consciousness, and you feel an urge to find an answer, mainly because you know the end is becoming near.

Here are a few questions you might ask yourself:

  • What happens when I die?
  • Will my family be ok when I die?
  • I wonder how I will die?
  • Will death be painful or peaceful?
  • Would I do it all again differently?

There are many ways to answer some of the above questions. You may have found your answers in religion, spirituality, science, family and friends or some alternative way of thinking. Finding peace with your inner being is the key only you hold. Accepting death helps you live out life the way you want to live it.

You must reason with death, understand death and meet death as a welcoming gesture of life’s end. Who wants to live forever? Even if you could live forever, the day will come when you will welcome death as your friend, as a moment that needs to happen, as a necessity for your energy to move into or onto something else.

Dreaming about death

Death can come in many forms; it can come as a reminder, perhaps a warning, or to let you know a future/present departure of a close loved one. Death can come in the form of dreams, a vision, a daydream or an epiphany. This sight and perception are locked into everyone’s mind; however, many humans reject this as nothing, rather than deciphering the exact message.


If death comes to you in a dream, it might be wise to accept this as a warning. It could be that you’re questioning or resonating with the idea of death. Death in your dreams can also show you the answers to which you seek.

Death in The Family

Death will come to all family members, that’s the best way to look at it. We live in a world full of variables that can ultimately cause death. This fact gives most of us a heightened sense of reality. Death can come as:

  • An illness
  • Substance abuse
  • The weather
  • An Accident
  • Disease
  • Old Age
  • Infection
  • Obesity
  • Homicide
  • Poisoning
  • Birth Defect

We tend to forget how vulnerable we are to so many variables that can cause loss of life. No matter how long we exist on this little planet, let’s celebrate death, cry tears of joy for the time spent living. This is probably easier said than done for many people. Death has the ability to break the human mind, especially when loved ones vanish from your life. Time will slowly help you find new doorways and discover a new journey with lost ones you dearly love.

Death Makes This It

This is it.
Is this it?
It is this!

These simple words alternate in sequence command: philosophy, life, death and wisdom. As you explore life’s journey, you may find yourself questioning beyond what is front of you which leads to a heightened sense of reality, giving you purpose, significance, power, and most importantly – feelings. Life is a thought process that activates the cognitive spark between reality and the body it resides in (you).

Understanding yourself as an entity, here, to experience the receptors of life before death; in this simulation, is a wondrous phenomenon. Enjoy it, seek it and if you’re not happy, change it.

Death Is Poetry

If you’re lucky enough, you will still have a consciousness of reality as you take life’s last breath. Your mind will saturate with chemicals and energy that show you what you need to see:

  1. The past – with all your collected memories
  2. The future – where you will start next
  3. Your Children’s life journeys as you live through them
  4. Time, in a multi-dimensional state to see and to say – your goodbyes
  5. A moment to reflect on all the good and bad with a display of alternative outcomes, showing you what could or should have been done differently
  6. A final death party for all those you know before and after you came.

That’s why death is poetry, it completes life and delivers you back to where your energy fabricated itself into existence.


Death Party Poem

I watched my death party and smiled
because I knew what nobody could expect
when they leave into the darkness between the layers of time itself.

Some people shed tears of lost
while others smiled with no cost,
many cry on their own
while I felt death like a wound from a black rose.

I await to greet others within seconds,
not years –
like time spent growing up with my mother.

Because relativity is real, just like you and me
drinking to death without one another.

We all know each other anyway;
we planned it before we came,
a journey that delivers every type of pain.

I will await your death
at the place that looks down
as Earth rotates.

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