Death can be quick;
death can be slow;
death can be young;
death can wait for all that is old.

Death will take your breath;
death will grab and squeeze on your heart;
death will scratch at your neck;
death will outsmart your plans;
death will pull you down into the underground.

Death is!
Death must!
Death doesn’t care why, who or was.

Greet death with a smile and ask it to wait.
Grab deaths hand and take the blackness into the light, just for a moment with all your might.
Make death fight before you leave into the universe.
Death has a little time to break.

Death will turn you stone-cold;
death takes everything without a given scroll;
death is you;
death is bold;
death is a being that feeds on your soul.

Death can be kind;
death can make you suffer;
death can inflict pain;
death will make you go blind.

Death is scary;
death is heavy;
death can’t be without life.

No one’s getting out of here alive!
Death wants us all.

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