Death’s Poetry – written by the hand of darkness between the cold white stars. Enjoy this collection of 10 death poems that connect with the truths of death and life’s journey. These poems question reality, the afterlife and will give you the answers to move forward with life ahead.

1). Will Dawn Come?

Suffering in silence as the cold sweat trickles down my neck.
The cosy king-size bed protects me from the world ahead; death looks to see if I’m ready yet.

The rays of a comforting orange, flood through the fake wooden blinds, bringing in waves of scented pollen.
The birds echo through the tiny gap in the window frame as the bees hit their tiny reflections on the glass.

Life awaits outside while death nocks down the inside, but the blackness will have to wait as I’ve got much left to do – before death comes back into view.

With time starting to break the laws of fate!
The shortness in a breath; the sickness in the cold steel pan; the doctors and nurses administrating liquids; I grow week as my immune system reboots its conditioning.

The code I carry has been broken from many of the man-made moments; saturating me with free radicals on a short journey that was mine.

I ask life to go on.
Is it listening to my plans?
All I have left is love and faces I recognise when looking up.
The black hands on the white face clock slow down.
I wonder who’s won?
Will dawn finally come?

2). Death’s Broken Souls

Can death, love a broken soul?
One, where life, lies in a sea of gold.
Broken from having it all, not helping the people of these lands as the painting on the wall bathes in wonderous vanilla sand.

Where there is no fate!
There is nothing written which means you entered on commission, to a journey that death can’t stand.

In the lasts days when death awaits in the distance, it’s only then you realise your positioning.
What could have been achieved? With the power of the green sea held in the palm of your hand.

And so the story continues, onto a journey with another tight grip with a reality that doesn’t exist as death comes back late with bright souls reflecting in its gaze.
Awaiting a human that can give the world back, to all the waiting souls.
Looking for life, not gold.

3). Cold Hell

Hell is not what you think.
What you’ve been told, a place where life demands cold.

There is no fire.
There is no desire.
A demon has no time to inflict pain on your soul.

It’s black, it’s dark and time walks slow.
It’s only near the end! You realise the infinite pain from the underground.
A journey not intended for the sane.

4). Death’s Bed

I’m scratching at your neck with every breath you swallow.
I love to send pulses of pain through every cell in your body.
I can taste your tears;
I can sense your fears;
I’m waiting for you.
I like to stand next to your bed in the rain.

You don’t put up much of a fight.
You look out the window waiting for loved ones in sight.
You let the nurses clean up your shite.
You would rather spend grave money watching the Tele on site.

What are you waiting for?
At least put up a fucking fight.

The fresh air wants to saturate your lungs,
I will walk with you; it will be done.

There’s nothing worse than a fight-less soul,
I would rather you put up a resistance which makes it easy on the moment of deliverance.

Fight me, tear a hole in my cloak.
Grip your hands around my soul-sucking throat.
Do it today!
And I will come back, let me give you more time on this planet that gives life back.

5). Into The Valley

The valley of death is filled with human souls.
A forgotten place with saddened face and no gold to light up the hidden path.
Mortals stand inline, deciphering their time when life was strong and vibrant.
The valley was designed for souls who neglected the gift of choice when spoken.
Listening, even when awoken from a life that seemed broken.
Ignorance stood in a higher place as souls knew their fate when they participate.
The valley of death is in no rush as you relish in your own significant fuss.
Only when a choice is replaced with must, the queue to the light moves one step forward.
Death laughs when all are broken.

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6). Choosing Death

I would like to die sitting on a park bench, watching the sunset one more time at length.
I would like to die in a layby after a long drive, seeing family and friends.
Maybe I could die at the top of a mountain, with a one-way ticket produced by a notion.
Perhaps, I could die on the beach; listening to waves crashing on the rocks, while sand filters through my hands and feet.

I could die in the morning;
I could die in the evening;
I could die at night when no words are spoken.

Dying while counting lost sheep;
dying trying to figure out life’s dream;
dying of fear;
dying of thoughts;
dying while the windbreaks through a gap, taking you for a ride around your retirement flat.

I wonder what’s the best way to go?
Fast or slow.
Time to think – of life within a moment’s hold.

Death catches up to us all.

7). Teardrop For Death

Death collects the last crystal teardrop before your last breath.
It’s a token that pays for life’s beautiful potion.
A teardrop holds memories and energy, a key needed to enter into the next galaxy of emotion.
However, not everyone sheds a tear for death; that’s why crystal tears are rare.
Death likes to carry these as payment for the future ahead.
They can be used to skip the valley of death.
They can set you up with extra benefits on the new life ahead.
Death wears them around his neck; you might even catch a reflection of one just before your death.

8). Death Can’t Survive Without Life

Everything that lives – is everything that dies.
It comes to meet everyone at different times.
Questions must be asked, answers taken on board by all awaiting eyes.
A difficult conclusion for most to find.

You’ll find death in the pupil of your eyes.
You’ll smell death pouring out of your tired breath.
You’ll seek death in the pool of unknown.
Death can’t survive without life on its own.

When you understand this truth, it continues to compute – a reality made up of dreams in disguise.

For your life, death awaits;
like purple and red fire skies,
underneath the horizon of light in your eyes.

9). Death Plays The Game

Death travels through the universe –
collecting death where ever it turns.
Imagine a place where death didn’t exist,
a crowded place where life couldn’t exist.

Life and death complement each other’s ask,
mostly where the light hangs fast.
A solar system built for conditioning,
with millions of reasons to start a beginning.
With intelligent life throwing everything out of sync,
let’s worry about what death!
Will finally bring.

10). A Reminder From Death

Death shows face to mortals of awakened grace.
Simply reminding them of time in this cosmic place.
The black sand slips through the hourglass, waiting for no plan, as you build up the pictures of the future; in a limitless wasteland.
Don’t let death take you too soon.
You know what you have to do, without the black shadows reminding you.
Distractions are not more important than the story you want to communicate.
Death wanders into your room, wondering what you’re waiting for; on this ball of doomed gloom.

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