Before you can live – you need to understand death – here are 20 of death’s wisdom quotes. Enjoy and live while you still can.

1). Death plays the piano on your spine
Sometimes you can feel him playing for the divine.

2). The 80-year-old bottle of whisky stood empty, as I conversed with God and Death at the same time.

3). Your demons torment deaths soul as they keep you alive.

4). I don’t believe in black magic, but when death arrives, I will.

5). We drank the essence of blood-red wine to remind us of what lurks in shadows of time.

6). The things of luxury had little meaning in the end.

7). I watched the collapse of the black holes as you softly closed your eyelids too and throw.

8). Conquer all your demons and death will pave the road ahead.

9). I went to my grave with a broken heart for all the reasons I simply can’t.

10). Your ashes are my tears.

11). In the madness of life, you forgot about death.

12). Vodka has no taste on the cold mountain where death has lost faith.

13). Our shadows still dream when they walk home in the moonlight.

14). Even with all the scars of life, death didn’t give a fuck.

15). The angel of life still loves death, even though he’s off committing murder at night.

16). Death was drunk on blood as the wars continued to rise.

17). All souls are lost until death takes them by the hand.

18). Death will wait as you say goodbye to the ones of greatness.

19). Death found us, hiding between the galaxy on this little ball of significance.

20). Death writes poetry because in his eyes we all have a beautiful ending.

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