The launch of Death – Composed From The Shadows has finally arrived. The new book is packed with poems, philosophy and wisdom about the subject that everyone ignores. Death is the pinnacle of life, the question is; what comes after? The reality of the situation is that no one knows. This fact gives people a belief system that gives them the answer. The first thing that comes to mind is religion. Other variations or belief systems include:

  • Agnostic
  • Atheist
  • Freethinker
  • Humanist
  • Non-religious
  • Rationalist
  • Skeptic
  • Secularists

However, to death, these are all just a fabrication of your mindset. For the very simple reason that most of the above belief systems are learned or taught. This creates significance and belonging, something that all humans crave. An Atheist is someone who has been categorised and put into a folder by someone of academic stature. The truth is, it means absolutely nothing.

Death is a powerful thought, it projects meaning from the inner depths of your mind. Death commands you to find the answer, the solution and a reminder that your time will one day end. After all, without an end, there can be no beginning.

Composed From The Shadows

This new book has been written while in this thought process. How, when, why and where have been turned into poetry and wisdom for the road ahead. Death in the form of poetry is artlessly beautiful. It provokes feelings and gives you a heightened state of reality. Poetry feeds your consciousness to a world that can be opened up inside your mind. To mix the stillness and quietness of death with vibrant flourishes of quarrel has been a wondrous achievement.

Composing the poetry didn’t mean going to dark places, even though the subtitle reads composed from the shadows. Each poem was written with meaning, giving the reader time to build their own pictures. Maybe these poems offer direction, the solution or an answer for the reader that makes sense to them. That’s the whole point in writing, you can execute a verse that can mean or have an infinite outcome.

Photography & Poetry

The new book is packed with images to enhance the words used for each verse. A picture alone provides thought and feeling, because, we see and feel with our eyes. Especially, when reading a fresh or old tattered book. Both types of books even smell differently, which gives you even more of a reason to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.


You can buy the book today or download it for free with your Amazon Prime account.


Enjoy! And please look out for the free download offer I give out to all subscribers. Please leave me an honest review. That feedback pushes me forward, negative or positive.

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