We made a pact from this life to the next as we lay here naked on this tired old bed.

We forgot about love!
A word we never used, just that look was good enough.

Life seemed all wrapped up beyond that first place where the London train pulled up.

Our captured smiles reflected in the solid grey platform that only we could see because love just wasn’t enough, a word that couldn’t set us free.

Turning and twisting like a perfected dance, we raced through life like it was written by chance.
The days and nights were built on romance as the universe collided galaxies together, for two people lost in each others trance.

We made a pact! With no words of exchange as our souls grow old together on this tired old frame.

For all our memories are the same, and that’s why we still smile with no shame.

We were meant to be as we lay here naked on this old bed frame, a story built for you and me.

Maybe we wrote it together? Just before we came because where we come from – THIS! Is only a pretend.

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