She Carries Life

She has no scars;
she needs no wings;
she bleeds like an angel
crying for her sins.

She weeps for her feelings
and loses them in the rain.
She’s dead in the morning
until she drinks the golden liquid
that can leave a nasty stain.
She waits,
she commands,
she’s ready with her plan.
She delivers new children into the world
without a helping hand.

We stand and stare
and wonder how they can,
who are we?
Just a simple man.

If Beauty Is Born From The Stars

If beauty is born from the stars,
a galaxy must fracture & embark
because love holds gravity together,
making all life a work of art.

We found each other on this journey of scars
defining our purpose in each other’s arms;
talking about fate like it was lost –
near an old wooden gate –
that was made for us to kiss on
of this day of dark-less quasars.

We laughed & planned our life together
picking out crafts & mastery bazaars
it was like we were superstars
dancing on the sands of Mars.

Our time on this line was delivered
almost like it was written;
falling in love again
like it was the first time
in a place designed for the innocent.

And with that,
we made a decision;
we would never let go of our position,
but create children
and thank the universe
for all that it’s humbly given.

Tears Of Salt

Her tears filled up the universe
leaving behind puddles of salt
that can now be seen as meteors –
speeding through space
between galactical faults.

Tears that carry all the designs;
tears built for another time;
tears shed as an old-world
was swallowed by fate
on this journey defined by someone
holding the keys to a platinum gate.

Salted tears cried by both woman and men
made to start the process again –
for a lost love, forgotten,
as light becomes rotten.

She left behind life to begin again –
across the dark matter,
sifting through this infinite place.

Bouncing through the centre of black holes –
built to store love in an orange and pink lagoon –
held together by gravities pull.

Dancing With The Sea

Her silhouette glows in the moonlight
as she dances with the waves of the sea.
The wet crashes between her feet like bubbling champagne –
kissing garnet strawberries
beneath the dark of the breeze.

The moist billion-year-old grains of sand –
hold her hand –
guiding her home,
to dry land.

Dancing with the sea has tired her perfect form
as she looks for footprints
left by her own.

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Will We Meet Again?

As strangers,
we both turned,
and like a quasar from a black hole,
we fell into each other’s eyes
dancing like a nebula from a garden rose.

We smiled;
we traded moments of lost soul;
no words were exchanged
in this infinite moment of poetic hold.

And with that,
we departed,
never to know
why our magnetic pull
decided to reverse.

The Gaze She Held

Her gaze hides from reality
because she is here,
but her soul was not.

She has the ability to look through beings
while defining the sense of seeing
as she keys her energy into this moment of bleeding.

She gazed upon reality as the world watched,
she was here,
but she couldn’t touch.

You meet them,
you see them,
you ponder on their dreams
because so few have the ability of a gaze
that breaks existence
for all that it’s got.

She Awaits

The intrusion from her matt, pink lips
intoxicates week minds – looking to find a way in.

She smiles, to soften the rejection
of lonely men pretending
as they offer the world empty leather wallets
filled with plastic pearls.

Love was on the agenda
to which she had already chosen;
something that can not be broken
by men who offer silver tokens.

She awaits,
in her toxic, white dress
for one man to enter from beyond the streets
with pubs and clubs a mess.

Her perfume captures his breath
as they walk to meet each other like celebrity guests –
a beautiful married couple –
no less.

Her Starlight And Dreams

She wept under her dying star
for it had given life
to all it could touch.
A moment lost under the red & blue dust
that can now be seen as a nebula,
from a distance that can never be touched.

Her starlight & dreams
dissipate into the black expanse,
becoming stardust to create new moments of chance.

All the love in the universe
couldn’t stop the outburst of the perishing star,
that completes the sequence
like the death of Mars.

Just like beautiful dreams,
all must come to an end!
Balancing on the strings of gravity
to produce a meaningful descend.

Her tears filled with fantasy –
froze with fire & pansophy
as she flew off to another galaxy
to give birth until the end.

And that’s when he awoke!
Transcending from the layers of broken smoke;
with a realisation of the damage
put out by an uncontained choke.

he followed her into the distant stars
because he wanted to be that end!
But this time –
without time,
a realm built for the divine.

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