We walked between the valleys;
we walked over the hills;
we felt the lush of the soft butterflies – dancing through the azure skies;
all while falling in love with each other’s eyes.

We walked through the cerulean meadows;
we walked into the lost fields, hidden between the chattering ghetto’s;
we could smell the fresh air that fell into our love-drenched lungs.

We danced;
we ran;
we feed each other words of wisdom
made up by our tongues.

We held hands and spoke about our mum’s;
we kissed for a moment under the dying tangerine sun;
we remembered the time when life was just intoxicating fun.

We walked until it was dark;
we walked through the children singing in the park;
we walked until our feet began to perish on the stones that filled the floor and the heavens.

We laughed;
we smiled;
we hustled through the cornfields sneezing pollen back into the lands.

We made it home;
we put logs on the fire;
we were silent but listened to the crack of the seasoned wood while sipping red wine in a time that we could.

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