She wept under her dying star
for it had given life to all it could touch.
A moment lost under the red and blue dust
that can now be seen as a nebula
from a distance that can never be touched.

Her starlight and dreams dissipate into the black expanse,
becoming stardust to create new moments of chance.
All the love in the universe couldn’t stop the outburst of the perishing star
that completes the sequence like the death of mars.

Just like beautiful dreams!
All must come to an end.
Balancing on the strings of gravity
to produce a meaningful descend.

Her tears filled with fantasy
froze with fire and pansophy
as she flew off to another galaxy
to give birth until the end.

That’s when he awoke!
Transcending from the layers of broken smoke
with a realisation of the damage
put out by an uncontained choke!

So, he followed her into the distance stars
because he wanted to be that end;
but this time – without time,
a realm built for the divine.

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