If beauty is born from the stars,
a galaxy must fracture and embark
because love holds gravity together,
making all life a work of art.

We found each other on this journey of scars
defining our purpose in each other’s arms;
talking about fate like it was lost – near an old wooden gate
that was made for us to kiss on;
of this day of darkless quasars.

We laughed and planned our life together – picking out crafts and mastery bazaars;
it was like we were superstars dancing on the sands of Mars.

Our time on this line was delivered almost like it was written.
We were falling in love again like it was the first time
in a place designed for the innocent.

And with that, we made a decision;
we would never let go of our position
but create children and thank the universe for all that it’s humbly given.

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