She wore a delicate smile;
she adored all things wild;
she loved his flavour;
she thanked his maker that he simply wasn’t an opinionated faker.

He wore muscles with a frown of course;
he adored all things delicate but designed with force;
he loved her olive skin as they both drunk gin!
In the ambience of the pink skies – distorted within.

He thanked her glowing brown eyes for all the moments of surprise.
She smiled at him in the morning wind
beyond where the mountain stands still.

The bond of love grew with these two souls;
wrapping the simplicity of time and gravity;
making sure that all perceived reality,
combining the making of actuality.

They passed on this love to everyone they touched
including their children for their appreciation was a must,
and that’s where they discovered the secret to life!
A moment caught by chance
in the enchantment of a softly spoken midwife.

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