We found each other by chance, like magic, we formed an exclusive path.
Together, like a cosmic dance – built beyond our imagination of innocent glance.

If dreams could talk;
if dreams could walk;
if dreams could ignite the illusion of thought.

We would emerge presenting rings together – defining this reality of infinite art.

The day we met time stood still
until we sealed a bond
like it was written
in a story before we were gone.

It all made sense;
it all felt right;
it all stood for something in these moments of living delights.

The spark of our smiles;
the stares lasted for miles;
the pools of shallow breath imprisoned our love;
while we twisted time and gravity together
so the divine could spectate from above.

We knew, without a given clue
that our engagement was to be true
as our love for each other
grew and grew.

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