We broke off a piece of time
To compose words that might be mine.
For all the combinations have been spoken
Especially, now that I have been awoken.

The edges of an orange rind
Fall from the hands of a dying climb.
The black tower makes the clock chime
As we come together for one last time.

We stand and watch the world die
Because human beings committed the worst crime.
But all is forgiven,
All is now forbidden
As they pointed and called us children,
In this black sea filled with life.

The minds of intellect converse
And decipher the meaning of this verse.
For the universal code of mathematics
Gave out its fucking worse.

Beyond the fabrication of reality
We see all the layers of actuality.
For all the roads lead to worse
Like code torn open by a curse.

We tried and we failed…
Even with intervention
From an alternative dimension,
The cries of children’s eyes
Got lost in meaningless words.

The world has to start again
Tree by leaf,
Flower by weed,
Water by sea through the valley of green.

Life will rise again…
Lungs will breathe again,
But all by a different kind,
A loving kind,
An intelligent design.

The time we broke off
Will soon be forgotten.
And one day will be dug up
To show the new world how we were rotten.

We will have our place on a shelf
With a note that points and says…

‘Hunter gathers with little intellect,
Who thought they were the centre of the universe and killed each other for wealth’.

Our days are numbered.
Our days have gone.
Our children carry the burden,
Of this truthful little song.

We will miss the blue in the morning.
We will miss the twinkles in the night.
But most of all, when love is lost and broken.
We will miss the beauty of life!

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