Time is but isn’t.
Day turns into the night
but only on our side of vision.
For the sun doesn’t turn off
as we twist so that the Moon
can look like silver-white mist.

Travelling every day,
we see things the same
even though everything is in change.
A moment lost – in the haze of this moss.

letting life seek its fame,
will it all come to something of shame?
I, We, want the same…
To know why!
To understand this place of the game.

Sometimes, the answers are clear,
like the wind offering air
to all who it claims.
Can this be a chance?
An offering of energy
having a private dance.

To myself, I speak;
pretending that it’s someone else
while living and dying in the same verse –
I can only give you my true self.

The secret to life is not knowing
what comes next
in this moment of glowing.
For the answer lies in your head,
unlock it and you will be a mess.

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