Amazon, the biggest brand on the net
A place that sells anything
Without the need to win or have a bet.

You can set up your own business
You can publish your own books
You can even buy a blow up doll
If the need demands you should.

Every time I make a purchase
You offer me this prime account on purpose.
But I’m fine paying for the postage
Because I can’t commit to the monthly notage.

Amazon, I have to admit
I love you and I’m a massive fan
Because without you
I couldn’t publish this book
And my readers wouldn’t be able to see these words, which I know they really should.

The wife decided to buy me the Kindle
Which is slim and kinda nimble.
I can play crazy golf like a ninja
And download new apps like I’m on a binger.

This Amazon thing seems pretty legit
I use it at work
And when I’m buying all my shopping gifts.

I understand your vision
I understand your decision
I understand your need for serious amounts of commission…

Amazon – lets create some art
Let me become a partner
So my customers can add anything to their cart.

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