Tomatoes are red;
bananas are yellow;
strawberries are red,
but peppers are red, green and yellow.

Apple’s are pink, red and green;
carrots are orange and so are tangerines;
but peppers are green, red and yellow.

Pears are green with a tint of brown;
lemons are yellow;
limes are still green;
but melons are yellow, green and brown.

Is there no end to this riddle that is starting to make you frown?

Apricots are orange;
avocados are green;
blackberries are black;
what does that even mean?

Blueberries are blue;
cherries are red;
coconuts are brown;
but if you crack one open – you can wear half! As a crown.

Grapefruit is orange;
grapes are green;
now repeat this poem really fast
and give out a little scream.

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