We all stayed in
As a lockdown grew over our heads.
Covid-19! They shouted
CoronaVirus! They said.

Time to spend with family and time to really connect.
Odd jobs completed – It’s time to cook some eggs.
The children went mental – jumping and bashing their heads.
Mums started screaming while pulling out grey hairs.
All the Dad’s got fat and drunk whisky and cider in the shed.
We all did video calls with family and silly friends.

After watching the news and wondering what to do?
We all stood outside and clapped for the NHS.

The kids are getting louder
Mums give out a shout!
Dads run into the garden and shake it all about.

Some of us lost loved ones.
Some of us lost our jobs.
Let’s remember this moment
To grow better with our friends.

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