My name is Cameron!
I’m the naughtiest kid in school.
I’m always in lots of trouble
And cause the teachers to get into a muddle.

There was this one time…
I got into a fight!
And bashed up ten boys with all my might.
But then I spent two weeks in the headteacher’s office, alone, because that wasn’t right.

I talk – way too much in class.
I’m given questions and just write – Pass.
The teacher shouts “are you listening?”
While I let out a squeaky fart.

But I’m good at stuff – you know…
Like sports and sometimes art!
I’m always laughing and telling jokes.
My friends call me Cam!
Because I’m the cool bloke – it’s no hoax.

I can’t control being compulsive.
I tell lots of lies – I’m always the culprit.
There was this one time
I nearly got expelled from school.
Now I’m on report for being a tool.

Luckily for me…
I’ve got these two awesome brothers.
One big –
One small.
I’m trying to set an example
So they look up to me –
That’s all.

My mum says I’m more than a handful.
My dad just shakes his head.
But when I’m really good!
They buy me sweets
And let me wear my Spiderman threads.

My mum and dad love me to bits
Even though they’re at the end of their wits.
Sometimes I have a secret chuckle to myself
Because they look like a pair of twits.

I’m working hard following all these rules.
I’ve still got all this learning to do.
The truth is…
I’m the naughtiest boy in school
Well, someone has to.

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